Kifiya Brings International Remittance to Ethiopia

International remittance payments and mobile banking are two of the areas where technology is revolutionising Africa and Ethiopia has now joined this finance revolution.

Kifiya, in partnership with Mastercard, has launched a new service to help Ethiopian citizens manage their finances, whether they live in Ethiopia or across the world.
Kifiya is planning a phased rollout of services, and they’ve begun by focussing on utilities payments, allowing Ethiopians to pay their monthly utilities bills in a secure online transaction, rather than having to present cash in person.

This also allows Ethiopians who have immigrated to contribute to the life of their family and friends back home in an important and importantly secure way: if you are paying the utilities bill you know you’re making a vital contribution to your family, and you also know exactly where your money is going.

Kifiya is planning to expand their service in the months to come to cover educational payments and insurance, giving Ethiopia access to more varied and secure financial services, but Senditoo can provide another important way people can contribute to their family’s lives back home across Africa. Sending international top up quickly and with complete security is one of the most valuable things you can do for family, friends or even businesses across the whole of the Africa continent.