Mobile Charges Across The Globe

With a lot of recent talk being focused on abolishing the EU roaming charges and setting a standard rate across the union it’s interesting to see how each nation across the globe compares in terms of call charges.

The most expensive local call rate for the united kingdom is awarded to numbers beginning with 09, a minute on that number can end up costing you as much as £2.04! Outside of the domestic market, call charges vary, depending on the operator you’re using. The highest charges are applied to countries including Cuba, Gambia, West Samoa and the Falkland Islands. Calls to very extreme destinations such as Antarctica or Guantanamo Bay are met with equally extreme costs of around £1 per minute from a landline. In contrast, domestic calls in India can cost as little as 1 pence per minute however, international calls are charged at extortionate rates of around 5 pence per minute including destinations such as the United States.

It also interesting to take a look at call rates in comparison to the cost of living in a certain destination, Singapore has often been named the most expensive place in the world with a price of a small flat reaching $5,000 per month! If you’re expecting a call from someone living in Singapore using a landline your caller would need to accommodate around 40 US cents per minute of your conversation definitely placing Singapore in the higher end of call charges in Asia.

It’s important to bear in mind that call rates in developing countries will change as telecoms infrastructure of the region improves and more people have access to mobile phone technology.

If you’ve ever been hit with the ‘bill shock’ after your return from abroad, please let us know!